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Letter: We’ll flood together in Northbrook
3:42 pm CDT April 27, 2015

Something is amiss in Northbrook. While we go about our busy lives — clueless, complacent and literally asleep — the powers that be are changing zoning ordinances, engaging in corrupt tactics and land-grabbing in a deal to Red Seal that would seal the flooding fate of us all. I am referring to the not quite done deal: cutting down hundreds of mature trees to build 137 large homes on 44 acres at Mission Hills — you know, that tract of land somewhere in unincorporated Northbrook that doesn’t affect any of us over here in the real Northbrook, right?


Susan, Thank you for all the efforts you are putting forth to bring this issue to the residents of incorporated Northbrook! Flooding is a big concern throughout this area.
Karen Jump

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