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The Cowboy Bowl ($9.50) is one of the most popular Buddha Bowls served at Forest Greens Juice Bar. It contains rice, quinoa and Cowboy Caviar (tomatoes, black-eyed peas, beans, corn, onions, bell peppers). Photos by Peter Kaspari/22nd Century Media
Included among the fresh and ready items at Forest Greens Juice Bar are egg salad, made with organic eggs; non-tuna salad, made with chickpeas; and non-chicken salad, made with cucumber ($10.25 each).
Forest Greens Juice Bar makes its own protein bars ($4.00).
The dessert items available at Forest Greens Juice Bar include Twix Bars (price varies) and peanut butter protein bars ($4), which are made fresh in the restaurant.
It wouldn’t be a juice bar without juice, and Forest Greens Juice Bar sells them in different varieties including the tropical refresher ($7.50).
Michal Dwojak, Sports Editor
4:54 am CST March 6, 2020
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